Little butterfly

Why do you lie

Eating delicious pie

While you fly

Under the Sun 

Having so much fun 

Little fish 
In a jar

Why do you wish 

To be afar

To swim all the way to Dar

To get away from your jar

Little grasshopper 
All alone 

You’re a pauper

Who plays a trombone 

You wish to be free 

To prance and dance and sing to the sea

Little baby 
In a crib

Just maybe

Dribbling on your bib

You want to grow up 

You want to be free of your world 

Dar refers to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 


An old photograph
From family's childhood
Of an uncle
An aunt
My father
It looks grainy
And fits in the past.


Burn my forest
Of sensibility
Limit my actions
To those of violence
Take my control
And smash it in seconds
Make me mad
Make me cry
Make me shriek like a banshee
Hurt you and me
Hurt the world.

Willy nilly

I run
Over the hill
Back in the country of my birth
Where I spent my first five years of life
With the vineyard at the bottom
And the monkeys trying to get in
And Tiger running at my side
Sister way ahead of me
I don't know if I'm mixing memories
I only know
I'm running Willy nilly
Over the green green hill
To the plum tree at the bottom
Eating plums off the ground
Till Mom sees me
And carts me away.


Spicy soup
Spicy bread
Spicy sweets
Spicy meat
Spicy milk
Spicy fish
Spicy oil
Spicy veggies
Spicy fruits
Spicy life is what I live.


Round and round you go
Up and down
You merry horses
With gleeful children screaming
Your reigns and bridles gleaming
But brilliance soon will fade
As ice cream falls on your varnished hide
And the tears that various children cried
When parents and siblings drag them away
Telling them they can't return the next day
When they get into their vehicles and drive away
Never to see the circus again.


A word to be said
A word can change many lives
An education.

A precious feeling
That people feel at least once
And that word is love.

A beautiful word
That lifts the spirit of many
And hope is that word.

Remember in life
To use many helpful words
And use them wisely.


Over the dust road
At the common crossing point
Without any signs.

Hobble over there
You manipulative liars
Faking intense pain.

I see through the lie
You give bad names to disabled
When perfectly fine.

Take needed money
Perfecting painful hobbles
A master actor.

You won't get my cash
Because I never trust you
I see through your act.

One day to be caught
I watch the police take you
Shameless imposter.


The waves
Shimmer and shine
Shiver and shake
Dance and quake
As I view them from the plane above.


I love the birdies.
Chirping outside my window.
They are full of life.

I love all the trees.
Love all the shapes and sizes.
I love greenery.

I love the flowers.
So vibrant; full of colour.
They smell beautiful.

And then there's that plant.
The one that smells disgusting
And irritates me.

So I love nature.
Just not every little thing.
And that isn't bad.

Sun and Moon

aka Sol and Luna

I remember
When we were young(er)
A visiting relative
Bought us these dresses
Mine was blue
My sister's was orange
Both had decorative flowers
We would spin around
In the lounge
Until we had to change.
I mourned
When I outgrew it
And I was given
The orange one
When my sister outgrew hers.
Now, I don't have either
But I still miss them
And their vibrant colours.
I felt so proud walking down the Slipway.